For mountain bikers, Bornholm is a huge playground with lots of long singles tracks, delicious flow pieces, cool ups and downs, beautiful vistas and lovely nature experiences. You get mountain bike trails in all levels and here is plenty of space in the woods. Here you will find a large selection of mountain bike router and inspiration, and here you will find information to plan the perfect mountain bike ride …


Join some of Bornholm’s many exciting races and keep fit while you’re on Bornholm. If you are looking for a holiday in Bornholm and you want to keep up your mind, take part in some of Bornholm’s many exciting activities. Then you also have the opportunity to meet a lot of Bornholm runners who love to get out in the beautiful Bornholm nature …


Just let the fish snap … angling on Bornholm is for the whole family! Bornholm – a true mecca for a angler. Bornholm is a true mecca for you who loves to fish! Bornholm is ideal if you are going with friends on a serious fishing holiday, but certainly also for the family who want some nice hours in nature.

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking in Bornholm is a unique, exciting way off exploring and experiencing the natural unspoilt beauty of this charming Danish island. Join us on one of our guided kayak tours and view the outstanding coastal scenery and local wildlife from a wonderfully different perspective. Tours depart daily from our water sports centre in Balka. No previous kayaking experience is necessary. We use single and double kayaks, each complete with a watertight hull, a rudder, and a spray deck. 


Learn to kitesurf on Bornholm. Bornholm island, is ideal kitesurfing conditions. You can learn to kitesurf in a group or individually. Eastwind Kitesurfing School is certified by the Danish Sailing Fed Eastwind kitesurfing courses offer a fast, safe and enjoyable way to master the art of kitesurfing. We have many years of international experience gained from numerous trips to kitesurfing havens such as Hawaii and New Zealand. We hold kitesurfing courses on Bornholm island, in Copenhagen and in several locations in Zealand. All locations have ideal kitesurfing conditions. You can learn to kitesurf in a group or individually. Eastwind Kitesurfing School is certified by the Danish Sailing Federation.


Stand Up Paddle surfing on Balka Strand – Eastwind. A surfboard, a paddle and the sea are all you need for Stand Up Paddle Surfing. SUP is the world’s fastest growing water sport. The combination of surfing and paddling with a two-meter-long paddle is not only a fun group activity, it’s also a great way of getting your heart rate up, burning off the calories and exercising more muscles that you would if you trained on a treadmill. The sport is easy to learn and can be practiced by young and old alike – after less than an hour’s training, you’ll have no trouble balancing on your board. Try SUP at Eastwind. All our instructors are enthusiastic paddle surfers.


Learn to windsurf at Eastwind on Bornholm. If you want to learn how to windsurf, Eastwind’s windsurfing courses in Balka on the beautiful Danish island of Bornholm provide the perfect opportunity.

 Eastwind organizes four-day windsurfing trips from Copenhagen, so why not make time for a short vacation over on Bornholm, stay in one of its cosy little seaside villages and enjoy some great windsurfing


Active holiday? We have a wealth of services for both adults and children. Yoga and meditation in our beautiful tent. Dance Fitness, Beach workout and Colar dance.

Go Bornholm Outdoor

Book exciting holiday activities at GoBornholm. At GoBornholm, the possibilities for an active holiday on Bornholm are many and varied. Whether you’re off the field or for more fun activities, GoBornholm gives you the opportunity to experience Bornholm in an active way.