1. The staff’s instructions must always be followed.
  1. Behavior that is a danger or nuisance to other guests is prohibited.
  1. Visitors with infectious diseases or oozing wounds do not have access to the bathing facilities.
  1. Changing may only take place in designated changing rooms.
  1. The barefoot area must not be entered with footwear used for outdoor use.
  1. Before using the bath, washing up without swimwear must take place.
  1. After visiting the toilet and after using the sauna, wash again.
  1. Only bathers wearing clean swimwear (general swimming trunks or swimsuits) have access to the pool.
  1. Jumping upside down is not permitted.
  1. Balls, swimming animals and life-threatening toys must not be used.
  1. Noisy behavior as well as ball games, playing, running and pushing are prohibited in and around the pool.
  1. Bottles may not be brought around the pool and in the changing rooms.
  1. Beer and spirits may not be brought.
  1. Badet assumes no responsibility for theft and forgotten items.
  1. Violation of regulations may result in expulsion.
  1. Children under 14 only admitted with an adult.


Length: 15 meters

Width: 8 metres

Depth: 1.10 – 1.50 metres

Children’s pool:

Depth: 30 cm