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1. The staff’s directions should always be followed.

2. Conduct, which pose a threat or nuisance to other guests is prohibited.

3. Visitors with infectious diseases or exuding wounds have no access to bathing facilities.

4. Dressing may only take place in designated changing rooms.

5. Do not use outdoor footwear in the barfod area.

6. Take a bath without swimwear before entering the swimming pool.

7. Wash yourself after using the toilet and sauna.

8. Only bathers wearing clean bathing suits (plain. Trunks or safety clothing) have access to the pool.

9. Diving head first is not allowed.

10. Balls, beach toys and highly dangerous toys must not be used.

11. Noise, ball games, play, running about and shoving is prohibited in and around the pool.

12. Around the pool and in the dressing room bottles are not allowed.

13. Beer and liquor are not allowed.

14. The bath assumes no liability for theft and lost items.

15. Violation of the rules can result in expulsion.

16. Children under 12 years only access by an adult.

Length: 15 meters
Width: 8 meters
Depth: 1.10 to 1.50 meters

Children’s pool:
Depth: 30 cm

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